Integrative Fertility Wellness Programs

Integrative Health & Wellness for Fertility

Whether your personal treatment plan at Ontario Fertility Network focuses on cycle monitoring, ovulation induction, IUI or IVF treatment, or other manipulations — we want you to have the best chance of achieving and maintaining a pregnancy.

We offer extensive natural preconception and lifestyle programs with our OFN partner, Conceive Health. Led by fertility naturopaths, their approach focuses on improving the quality of the sperm and/or eggs in the 100 days before conception occurs. Our ND’s offer a 100 day program to maximize egg quality, as this is an essential time when patients can impact the health of their future baby through hormone balancing, nutrition, lifestyle habits, and more.

Our naturopaths can be helpful with weight loss, egg quality, sperm quality, PCOS, thyroid anti-bodies, and many other aspects of fertility optimization.

Our Approach to Preconception Care


Nutraceuticals are high-quality supplements that can help address deficiencies in certain essential nutrients, which are needed for optimal fertility and egg and/or sperm health. Your Conceive Health naturopath will outline a unique plan for you, which may include a combination of key antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, and minerals. In conjunction with a comprehensive preconception program, they can support blood flow to the uterus, help reduce oxidative stress, improve detoxification pathways, and optimize mitochondrial function.

Natural Hormone Balancing

In women, a hormonal imbalance can cause a cascade of effects that impact fertility — from ovulation and the uterine lining, to preventing a pregnancy or increasing the chance of a miscarriage. In men, it can affect testosterone levels, sperm production, and more. Your preconception program will help you identify any hormone disruptors in your environment, increase hormones that are too low, and balance those that are in excess so that your body is better prepared for fertility treatment.

Pre/Post IVF or IUI Acupuncture

When it comes to fertility acupuncture, timing is everything. When done before and after IVF transfer, acupuncture can help encourage blood flow to the uterus — and increase the odds of implantation. Acupuncture can also help lower cortisol levels, improve the response to fertility medications, and reduce potential side effects during treatment. Based on your fertility plan, your Conceive Health naturopathic doctor can recommend the best schedule for your sessions.

Naturopathic Medicine

Using a holistic perspective, our fertility naturopaths will uncover the underlying causes of you or your partner’s infertility or subfertility. Working with your reproductive endocrinology and nursing team, they can create a plan to correct nutrient deficiencies, support hormonal balance, reduce toxin exposure, and more to improve your fertility treatment outcomes.

Clinical Nutrition

When it comes to fertility, what you eat can have a dramatic impact on your hormones — and the health of your eggs and/or sperm. Beginning with a body composition analysis, Conceive Health will create dietary recommendations to get your body into the optimal state for ovulation, menstruation, and fertility. They will also ensure that there are no contraindications between any supplements you are taking and your fertility medications.

Lifestyle Support

We understand that fertility treatment is a big commitment — you’re ready to do what it takes to improve the odds of getting pregnant, while reducing the risk of miscarriage. Your lifestyle plays a part, and our naturopathic team is here to support you. They will help you navigate any questions around coffee, wine, exercise, stress, sleep, and more to ensure you are on the right track.

Supporting the Emotional Side of Fertility

In addition to supporting your physical health, we provide services to help you with the mental and emotional stressors that can come with fertility challenges. Through our OFN partner, TRIO Fertility, we have access to a team of registered social workers and clinical psychologists who specialize in fertility counselling.

Through therapy, we can help you:

  • Fertility testing for women
  • Process individual emotions, thoughts and feelings
  • Navigate relationship concerns and communication
  • Manage fertility treatment expectations
  • Work through feelings of shame and/or vulnerability
  • Replace negative coping strategies with healthier ones
  • Receive support throughout your fertility treatment

Bringing You Better Fertility Care

Our reproductive team works hand-in-hand with naturopathic doctors, holistic care practitioners, mental health counsellors, and more to provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan. We offer support in every area of your fertility — from your mental wellness to your physiological health and beyond. Whatever your fertility needs, our team is here for you.


“The best care anyone could ask for. They are fast and courteous and don’t miss a step when it comes to ensuring clarity of instructions and care. They treat you like you are the [most] important patient they have, even though there are a lot of us. I recommend this clinic over any other in the area!”